How To Become A Public Adjuster

Learn How Public Adjusters Can Make +$100,000 In Their First Year From The #1 National Association of Public Adjuster 

Ed Walsh

Runs a nice size firm Loved by contractor and has more work then his firm can handle.

Ed's been with PANA since March 2016

Hi I’m Mark Houser President of Property Adjustment National Association.

I’m going to walk you through what it takes to become a public adjuster and what the life of a public adjuster looks like.

You’ll learn how this career you have properly have never heard of can change your life and the lives of the people you help.

So What In The World Even Is A Public Adjuster?

  • For the rest of you, a public adjuster is someone who works for a property owner against their insurance company in a property damage claim.
  • Basically like a lawyer but in a very narrow field and with no law degree and we don’t leave our clients with less than they need after getting paid.
  • The goal of a Public Adjuster is to maximize the settlement of the property owner.
  • Typically you are working with homeowners and commercial property owners.
  • Most Public Adjusters are sadly poorly trained.
  • In contrast the typical insurance adjuster that most people are aware of works for the insurance company. They are generally trying to minimize or deny the settlement the insurance company has to pay out.
  • Insurance adjusters can cover a wide variety of different types of property losses beyond what a public adjuster deals with depending on their training. Typically they aren’t well trained, often with only a few weeks of training or less, and the training they do get, a lot of that is how to minimize a claim.  
  • Typically this is an entry level position at an insurance company and most people don’t tend to stay as adjusters either moving up the ladder or more likely moving to greener pastures. You can only take so much of telling people no when they are most vulnerable.
  • Then there is a third type of adjuster called an independent adjuster. They work with insurance companies but unlike their in-house counterparts they are free agents who often work for multiple insurance companies.
  • Insurance companies typically use them in areas where having in house adjusters isn’t feasible or when they need extra adjusters in an area such as after a hurricane or a flood.
  • Because they don't work directly for insurance companies they always run the risk of being replaced as insurance companies try to pit independent adjusters against each other to get the lowest costs.

So Why Would Someone Even Need A Public Adjuster?

  • As a property owner it is your job to demonstrate to the insurance company for what reason and why you need to be paid.

  • This isn’t the insurance adjuster's job, contrary to most people's beliefs.

  • The typical property owner, however, isn’t prepared for this.

  • They don’t understand what their policy covers.

  • They don't know what things cost to repair or fix.

  • And often they don’t have the time to figure it all out.

According to one study, Public Adjusters on Average increased 574% more money for their clients than people who went it alone vs taking what the insurance company is willing to pay.

Because most people don't know what their homeowner’s insurance covers they try and rely on the insurance company to tell them if they have coverage or not.


Homeowner’s all the time say one wrong thing and have the insurance company say, “Sorry you’re not covered for that.” when they are.

Here is an example. “The Sewer backed up”, the insurance company will deny you because they don’t cover water damage from the sewer or they would call groundwater.

But that isn’t what happened.

That water isn’t from the sewer, it’s your water from your home that was blocked that came back into your home.

The sewer almost never backs up, if that were the case all your neighbors would have the same problem.

There are hundreds of these little phrases that insurance companies will use to deny claims before they even get started, many of which the policy really does cover.

The claims that don’t get outright denied are more often than not minimized.

As A Public Adjuster You Stand In The Gap Protecting The Interests Of Homeowner’s And Commercial Property Owner’s

Remember how I said public adjusters are like lawyers?

Besides not having a law degree, there is one other key difference.

Here at the association, we believe in doing no harm like a doctor

That means always getting the homeowner what they need to fix their property after we take our fee.

No leaving people with damaged property that they can’t afford to properly fix because your fee is too high.

In most states that is no more than 20- 25% for small claims $50,000 and down and 10% for big claims.

Because in large claims you will find damaged personal property which is paid out at actual cash value which is replacement cost minus depreciation.

So to guarantee the client what they need and still cover our fee it needs to be done at 10%. (Some states called caped states have caps that are lower than 25% for any size claim typically 10% to 12.5%)

How Do Public Adjusters Leave Enough Money For Homeowners If They Take 20-25%?

Two ways:

O&P And what we call getting down to the ridiculous

O & P?

  • O&P or Overhead & Profit is added to claims and adds 10% and 10% or 20% to the final claim amount.
  • Typically this is one of the things that insurance companies fight over and for most homeowners they don’t even know they deserve it.
  • We teach how to get O&P every time. (This is something that most public adjusters don’t even know how to do)
  • This is an additional 20% beyond what the costs of repair are and the courts say the insured is do.

“Getting Down To The Ridiculous”?

Everything has a value.


Even the simple job of setting and removing of switch plates has a value, and can be found in every software out there.


We teach public adjusters to make sure everything is accounted for in the estimate and that a reason is given for when it is included.


The typical contractor estimate is three lines item with a total.


We teach Public Adjusters reconstruction methods so that you understand how something should be fixed or repaired the right way, and then how back it up with documentation or facts and evidence.


No Inflating Of Estimates Just To Make Them Bigger!

So Who Is PANA?

We are Property Adjustment National Association one of three national public adjuster associations and currently the biggest.

And The Only Association That Owns A School That Teaches And Trains Public Adjusters.

  • Every other “school” out there only teaches how to pass the public adjuster license test for each state or how to use an estimating software.

  • This is why most Public Adjusters are poorly trained.

  • Passing A Test Does Not Prepare You To Be A Public Adjuster

  • Before We Came along No Public Adjusters where properly trained.

  • At best you would have some who were converted insurance adjusters but for the most part public adjusters have been trained by whisper down the lane methods taking years, and they still have massive gaps in their training.

  • They simply follow around another public adjuster for years hoping to pick up whatever scraps they can along the way.

So How Can You Make $100,000 + In Your First Year As A Public Adjuster?

Let’s do a little math.

  • One $10,000 claim at 20% (in non-cap states) = $2,000 (10% in cap states) = $1,000

  • About 4 hours’ worth of work.

  • You do just one of those a week you just made $8,000 a month or $96,000 a year at 20%. You do just one of those a week you just made $4,000 a month or $48,000 a year at 10%.

  • And that is the lowest type of claim that you will see.

  • It isn’t hard to find $10,000 claims.

  • The Average cost of a claim the insurance company pays out in 2015 (this has increased every year) is $11,402 x 20% = $2280.40 x 4 = $9,121.60 x 12 = $109,459.2

  • Just about 5 out of every 10 homes have a claim between $5,000 and $10,000 right now. And when it comes to damage it doesn’t take much before it gets to over $10,000.

  • $11,402 is what the insurance company on average pays out as a Properly Trained Public Adjuster you always beating the average.

  • Larger claims of course take more time than 4 hours but they also pay better too.

  • It is all how you position yourself.

  • You could also do it a slightly easier way by doing 1 $1,000,000 claim where you make 10% or $100,000.

As a public adjuster, you have lots of ways you can make over $100,000, it is all about if you’re willing to put in the work.

After all $1,000,000 claims don’t just fall out of trees. (They can however be caused by trees falling on covered property… 🙂

How Do You Find Work As A Public Adjuster?

  • Most public Adjusters idea of marketing is joining a networking group like BMI. But that isn’t really marketing.
  • We teach you how to work with other professionals.
  • You’ll learn how to put yourself in the path of work, so it flows right to you.
  • Contractors, Realtors, Plumbers We teach you how to setup a network of people who see claims all the time and who you can help solve problems for by finding money that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.
  • One top of that we will teach you how to build a firm, with other public adjusters under you so you can make money even when you don’t work. You Make A Cut Off the top kinda like a real estate broker does with real estate agents.

Typical Job = You Work You Make Money

Typical Job = You Don’t Work You Don’t Make Money

Once You Build a Firm You Go From Having a Job Where You Are Your Own Boss To Owning A Business Where You Make Money Even When You Don’t Work

That is what is before you. Freedom to work when and how you want.

If you think you’re not smart enough to do this your right as of now only because you haven’t been taught by us, but you will. (Time + Knowledge + Effort = Success)

Want to work a lot and make a lot of money we will teach you how to build your business that way.

Want to work a little and spend time with your family or doing your favorite hobby but still want to make a decent income?

We Can Help You Do That Too!

You Are Never Alone

  • When You Join The Association You Join A Family of like Minded Brothers and Sisters Who All Want To Help Each Other Get The Most for Their Clients.

  • Most Public Adjusters Outside of the Association aren’t that way. All They care about is their own little kingdom, their little piece of turf that they control.

  • And they do everything they can to stop anyone else from coming and taking a part of what they think is theirs.

  • But it isn’t theirs.

  • It is homeowners and commercial property owners who need your help.

  • That isn’t a game or some hill that someone can claim, it’s a person in need.

And You Can Be That Person Who Helps That Person In Need

When people go through claims it is often an emotional time for them.

Their home or place of business is no longer whole, and you step into that and solve that problem for them.

That Is What All This Is Really About, Helping People Who Need Your Help.

If That Sounds Like Something You Want To Do Here Is What You Get When You Join The Association:

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

“Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be but what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today, each moment of each day is a test that determines your future.”

We Have Two New Area's, Constructional Engineering Broken Down In To 8 Section Coming Out End Of May:

* Permits and Engineering * Surveying for Construction  *Concrete   *Wood Basics  *Steel  *Masonry  *Plumbing  *Heating * Ventilating & Air Conditioning
With backup information.

Plus a new Amazing Method of working with Terrorist Negotiation Techniques coming Out In July.

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        • Public Adjuster Marketing Course
        • Client Paperwork (Sample Contracts) & Form Letters
        • Estimating Scoping Training & Power Estimates
        • Estimating SIMSOL Software Training
        • Negotiating, Presenting, Documenting & Letter Writing
        • Appraisal & Lawsuit Preparation
        • Lead, EPA Mold & Asbestos Training
        • Federal & State Case Laws Library & FC&S
        • Lifetime of Phone & Email Mentorship *only for onetime $3,200 and $500 payment Plan
        • Step by Step Claims Processing
        • Presenting & Negotiating Claims
        • Success & Information Resources
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        • 1 Webinars conference per year
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        We Will Help You Find Where Your First Claim Is And Help You Process It.

        So You Can Pay Your Membership Off After You Are Licensed 

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        Check Out Our Associations Trainers And Experts

        Mark Houser Who Will Be Your Personal Mentor

        Mark Houser , when trying to help his clients with challenges, found that many of his clients were having troubles with their insurance companies with homeowners insurance claims. So Mark started working with a public adjusting firm learning how to become a public adjuster. He received his license as an adjuster and became a Regional Vise President with the largest company. So, Mark went to Vale National training school for adjusting. Then he devoted many years learning the business of adjusting. He had gained such an understanding of the business that he decided to work towards changing how adjusting for the homeowner is done. Now he is teaching other people how to aid him in helping others. Mark is the founder of Property Adjustment National Association. Now The largest National Public Adjuster Association.

        Steve Patrick

        Steve Patrick Owner of LP Loss Consulting and National Speaker in the contracting industry. LP Loss Consulting is the largest appraisal company and the most powerful in the states. Steve also was a trainer at Vale National training school for adjusting. Steve Patrick Is One Of Our Master Trainers In Appraisal. Over 2,000 Roofing Claims Only Seven Did He Not Get Overhead & Profit

        Don Wood

        Don is a licensed Public Adjuster in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma.   Don has several decades of experience in the related fields of construction, general contracting, and property insurance, and is a thought leader in the public adjusting industry. Don has delivered Continuing Education programs for public adjusters in Texas and New York. In addition to public adjusting, Don is a Certified Professional Estimator with the American Society of Professional Estimators, member of the International Code Council, and a Windstorm Network Wind Certified Appraiser and Umpire. Don is past President of the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA). Don is the one that made most of what is the top of the attorneys millionaires after the Katrina hurricane.

        Matt B. Phelps

        The practice of engineering is governed by individual states, whose requirements and practices vary. Matt B. Phelps, APEC Engineering & Laboratory chief engineer. Our forensic investigations can determine the percent of damage caused by wind and water. Our rigorous methods, based upon ASCE-7 and FEMA-55 engineering methods, are true and accurate representations of damage caused by a destructive event, such as a hurricane. We provide expert witness for parties that are involved in a dispute relative to causation of damages from an event of destructive force.

        Chip Merlin

        Since 1983, Chip Merlin has served as a plaintiff’s attorney with a focus on commercial & residential property insurance claim disputes and bad faith insurance litigation. Chip is a noted national authority on insurance bad faith, lecturing to national trade groups and publishing a number of papers and articles on the subject for organizations such as The American Association for Justice, The Florida Justice Association, The Windstorm Insurance Network, and Trial Magazine. As founder and president of Merlin Law Group, Chip has dedicated his practice to the representation and advocacy of insurance policyholders in disputes with insurance companies nationwide.

         Chip Merlin From Merlin Law Group
        The Number One Law Firm With Homeowners Claims

        Chip Merlin The Founder of FAPIA And President Of The Wind Storm Conference And Mark Houser The Founder Of PANA The Largest Public Adjuster Association In America 

        Jonathan Wheeler Trainer

        Jonathan founded The Law Offices Of Jonathan Wheeler more than 25 years ago. He wanted to build a firm whose focus was on seeking justice for individuals and businesses throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, particularly against larger insurance companies.

        He has extensive experience in Personal Injury, Property Damage, and Insurance litigation. He specializes in Construction and First Party insurance claims, Bad Faith litigation, and Insurance Company misconduct.

        Winning The Largest Class Action case Against State Farm

        John Wood

        J.D., NYU School of Law B.A., summa cum laude, Texas Christian University Honors: 

        Phi Beta Kappa HEB-ISD Hall of Fame Numerous Creative Writing Awards 

        Statement of Client’s Rights

        Kevin Kaufmann

        Kevin has earned the distinction S.P.P.A. Senior Professional Public Adjuster, having founded Property Adjustment Corporation in 1990. Kevin is certified in Property Claims and Commercial Fire Coverage and is trained in Commercial Building Restoration. He is a licensed public adjuster in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York,Maryland, Delaware,North Carolina and Florida and is an active member of the National Association of Public Adjuster as well as the Mid-Atlantic Association of Public Adjusters.

        Trainer Speaker


        Dr Michael Capilli Former President of AAPIA

        On Reciprocal Licensing


        Module #1 State Test Training

        This module teaches you how to pass the state test to become a public adjuster. It is all about the ISO (Insurance Service Office) and their guide lines. The only thing that is different between tests is the state regulation part.

        Module #2 Step by Step Claims Processing 

        How to handle every aspect of a claim. Learn not just what to do but also how to think about every different part of a claim

        Module #3 Homeowner's Policy & Client Paperwork

        In this module you will learn about the details of the ISO (insurance Service Office) which the day to day policies are approved by and guided by. You will learn what you need to know to always be the smartest person in the room on policy. You will see and understand the best paperwork in working with your client.

        Module #4 Commercial Package

        You will learn the information needed to get into doing Commercial claims, you know the ones that pay the big bucks.

        Module #5 Power Estimating & Software

        In Estimating & Software you will be trained to be up to speed in a short time and can day by day deepen your understanding in estimating, as well in Mold, Lead and Asbestos and training in software and Fire, Flood. Showing you how to add authoritative notes to each line of the estimate (facts and evidence)

        Module #6  Building Authoritative Notes For Power Estimate Library & 30 Hour OSHA Construction Video Course

        We have Building Code Library and Videos & OSHA Library and 30 hour Video Contractor Course & Example of Manufacture Recommendation Installation

        Module #7   Complete Master Library Of Contracting

        We Have 9,674 pages contractor's Library with all the math

        Module #8  Presentation & Negotiating &

        You will learn negotiating, documenting, letter writing, appraisal and court preparation, which is a very important part in handling a claim. We go in detail in every aspect of this to the point that you could run an appraisal business as well.

        Module #9  Documentation

        Have All The Template Letters & Documents and Contracts

        Module #10  Appraisal

        Learning every aspect of Appraisal and all of the forms.

        Module #11  Preparing Claim For Law suite 

        Being educated with the same information that the top attorneys use to teach their attorneys in how to win their cases 

        Module #12 Federal & State Case Laws Library

         A library of federal and state case laws to demonstrate to insurance companies why they need to pay what your estimating.

        Module #13 Marketing Claims As A Public Adjuster

        In this module we teach you how to market as a public adjuster. We go way beyond simple marketing tactics like BMI groups. This is the stuff you can't find anywhere else, because nobody else teaches it.

        # 14 Building Your Firm & Association Store

        Things to help build your firm

        # 15 Engineering Better Than Haag Engineering

        Learn How to Beat Haag Every Time

        Bonus #1 Lifetime of Phone & Email Mentor-ship

        You Are Never Alone. Besides the training and information on the site you can call (10 am - 4 pm est) and email to get additional answers to solve problems as you need them. This option may not be available forever as we grow it simply won't be possible to always include this... so get it while you can.

        Bonus #2 Exclusive Facebook Group

        Network and talk to public adjusters from across the industry. Get access to new updated training in real time.


        Full Course Contents

        Here's a breakdown of the full contents of our exclusive Public Adjuster Training Course.

        • State Specific Test Training
        • Lifetime Access To Online Training
        • Exam Simulator
        • Homeowner's, Commercial & Business Policy Training
        • Public Adjuster Marketing Course
        • Client Paperwork (Sample Contracts) & Form Letters
        • Estimating Scoping Training & Power Estimates
        • Negotiating, Presenting, Documenting & Letter Writing
        • Appraisal & Lawsuit Preparation
        • Lead, EPA Mold & Asbestos Training
        • Federal & State Case Laws Library
        • One Year Of Phone & Email Mentorship
        • Step by Step Claims Processing
        • Presenting & Negotiating Claims
        • Private PANA Facebook Group
        • PANA’s CE Credits (online low cost)
        • 4 Webinars per year
        • Online Tool & Book Store
        • Training FAA Licensing To Flying Drones That Cost Less Than $100 With Great Features
        • Three Short Term Executive Housing Buttons For Disaster For Your Clients

        Become One Of The Elite Public Adjusters

        Most Of Our Members

        Greg In Class


        I've been involved in roofing and construction for a number of years. One problem I ran into as well as many of my friends in the roofing business, was losing jobs to the insurance company refusing to pay legitimate claims because of loop holes and other criteria which they claim disqualified the insured from being covered from storm damage.

        After experiencing this frustration for a number of years I found Mark's school online and figured I had nothing to lose.

        Recently one of my customers had an insurance claim which the insurance company only agreed to pay for half of the roof. I prepared myself by spending 10 minutes on the school's website to review the information I needed to properly handle the claim... And only 5 minutes on the phone with mark asking a couple of quick questions.

        Sure enough after initially meeting with the adjuster he claimed the insurance company would only pay for half of the roof.

        I have never been a great debater and often have had difficulty arguing with adjusters. After only 5 minutes discussing why the insurance company was responsible for replacing the whole roof, the insurance adjuster shock my hand... returned to his car and returned with a check for the full amount of the entire roof.

        Without the websites resources I would have never been able to negotiate the claim so easily.

        Brent Fening
        Brent Fening Roofer

        I joined the property adjustment association back in late august of 2011. It was one of the best things I could of done for myself. I originally started just to get the information because my parents... we suffered a real bad hail storm in chicago in june and the insurance company was giving them the runaround. So I joined just to you know get some knowledge under my belt and try to get a better understanding of the insurance companies and how they work and everything.

        But with the knowledge and information that Mark Houser equipped me with I was able to double my parents claim. When word got out about what I was doing before I even got a chance to even think about being a public adjuster or doing anything towards that nature I already had contacts from friends and referrals from what they heard about what I did with my parents place.

        And ever since then it has just been a race moving to learn and get as much knowledge or information as I can to forward to the next steps.

        Every time I call mark he is always there, always picking up the phone, always answering whatever possible question I could possibly ask.  No matter has crazy it might sound he always gives a good answer for it.

        I just don't know where I would be without Mark Houser, he is just a god send. A real helpful person. And made me change fields and go directly into public adjusting and this is all I want to do with all the information that he has, no need to reinvent the wheel.

        He has it all laid out there for you guys. Once again thank you Mark for everything that you've done. 

        Shaheed Tamir
        Shaheed Tamir Illinois Public Adjuster



        I met some guys from Merlin law group, Steve Patrick, Don Wood, Tristan Farrell, Adrian Enrique, Mike Degregorio (roofer about to be a student of yours) and a whole bunch more past. I have referred Josh Garrick to you. I feel like I'm a good fit and have a few businesses that will provide a good income while I train. I am overwhelmed by what I learned at Win the Storm. I have read most of delay, deny and defend. I ordered from good hands to boxing gloves, that you talked about.

        I'm getting ready for the next storm. Don Wood says I can work for him at Suncoast.

        Thanks for putting the training together.


        Rusty English


        The program has worked very well... We were successful in implementing our first cracked rafter claim.

        Essentially what the program has allowed me to do is negotiate with the insurance adjusters and really take control of the whole adjuster meeting. The adjusters here that we work with have come to know that we know what we are talking about and respect our figures and everything else...

        The program has provided me with much of that knowledge and definitely the knowledge in how to inspect and where to go for the resources to make sure we can implement the claim properly...

        And if I were to say anything to anybody that is getting into this business, it's a great program, very reasonably priced.

        The most important advice I would give anybody getting into this business is that you have to get by the first knoll and erase from your mentality that the insurance company is the authority. You have to be the authority when negotiating with the insurance company.

        This program teaches you and allows a person to understand how to become that authority.

        So if it were me getting into this business again and again I would say this program was the best piece of information or source or resource that allows me to negotiate day in and day out with insurance adjusters...

        And then beyond that is the ability to call and get some one on one consultation or backup... is this correct is this not correct.

        Overall can't beat the program.

        Don Schuett
        Don Schuett Minnesota Public Adjuster

        I felt that it was a good blueprint for me to follow to start my business. I went out on my own so I had some experience but didn't have the overall experience.  I have used it as a tool, I've thrown in some of my own stuff but I have used it as my blueprint to help me establish and understand the process from start to finish.

        I think and what I really liked about you mark from the beginning is you where brutally honest, you know it was like a father and son type thing, like "Did you do this?" no. "Why not? you know you should do it that way". And repetition and hearing it a lot you just start doing it that way.  I think that is important, and not just sugar coating things and saying oh that is ok, don't do it next time. No! "Why didn't you do that? you should of done that."

        You showed me the things I needed to learn and that was really important to me and helpful to me in gaining my confidence and preparing myself for the next claim.

        I think for me it was a combination of both the information and being able to get answers when I needed them. I think it was important to have the site and be able to go out there day or night any time I'm connected to the internet, to go out and look for an answer or an answer to a question, even if it is in the middle of the night. But on the same token, it was really important to me to pick up the phone and call you as well and have that one on one conversation and pick your brain and ask you question and you come back at me with things. I think having both made it very powerful tool for me. And then as well with being able to reach out to other members of the organization and picking their brain on things and building relationships with others.

        It feels great making 6 figures. I started my company right around 3 years ago (this was said about 2 years ago) . We have been very fortunate with some of the big storms that have come through, notably hurricane sandy but we also do a lot of daily claims and don't need to depend on the big storms to come through. I mean I like the big storms but I don't need to depend on them, I think growing the business thru daily claims is also very important. The income last year was phenomenal. We did a significant amount of business last year.

        I think it is important that you have to look at it as an investment in yourself. If you where to start any type of business you have to make an investment. And you know to me this is a very small investment for a very large opportunity. And you get access to a wealth of information, to a public adjuster community within the association, and access to mark and his team. I believe if it is something your looking into or have interest in or maybe have some background in it is definitely something you should take seriously and give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed. 

        John Meli
        John Meli New Jersey Public Adjuster

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        Marvin Patterson
        Nancy Murray Reeves
        Samson Bekele
        Terry Turner
        Delphin Alexander
        Rocky Sylvester
        Brent Johnson
        Matthew Fusco
        Brian BIllings
        Deborah Mccarthy
        James Davis
        Adam Kwon
        Andrzej Kowalik
        Bo Smith
        Chris Aumiller
        Clarence Brown
        Craig Walker
        Crystal Gordon
        Curtiss Boykin
        Dewey Morgan
        Edward Kopp
        Everett Walker
        Gabino Izguerra
        Gaetano DiMaggio
        Gilberto valdez
        Gregg graubins
        Javier Montes
        Jerome Pawelec
        John Green
        Juan Casarrubias
        Kenneth Janusz
        Kevin MCarthy
        Malcolm Tate
        Marcin Krukowski
        Michael Flores
        Michael Kelley
        Michael P. Renehan
        Michelle  Molina
        Mike Degregorio
        Patrisia squivel
        PETER Kretowski
        Richard Jeziorski
        Robert Thaynes
        Scott Lennington
        Shaheed Tamir
        Steve Essary
        Thomas Allen
        Thomas Bonner
        Aaron Christy
        Abdulla Brown
        Adam brown
        Andrea Hollinghead
        Cole KIne
        Jason Webb
        Lawrence Bennett
        Robert Frisby
        Shawn Blank
        Verly Booher
        Bruce Belanger
        David L Pitman
        Eric Ker
        Kenneth Stokes
        Jesse Latham
        Joshua Oshuahoryn
        Robert Deckard
        Colton Hagler
        Eric Wenger
        Kerry Klein
        Michelle Timberlake
        Amadou kamara
        Dan Sault
        Jamie Williams
        Keith Evincent
        Mark Paskell
        Mark Ryan
        Roderick Curry
        Brenda Nichols
        Chris Thomas
        Hollie le
        James Raeford
        Matthew Frazier
        Mohamed Soah
        Rodney Johnson
        Ronald Coyne
        Rudy Rudacil
        Tauye Harris
        Terrence Johnson
        Thomas Egeberg
        Belinda Bates
        Bob Grumbling
        Carmita Ballard
        Dave Orsini
        Dennis Sawyers
        Diane Barnes
        Isela Terry
        James cassidy
        Kendrick / Leiter
        Ltayna Toliver
        Matt Stoll
        Pamela Ferris
        Robert Rodriguez
        Robert Wynkoop
        Ron Brown
        Shawn Stelzer
        Thomas Madsen
        Vincent Banks
        Andrew Mikkelson
        Don Schuett
        Hugh Griffin
        Jaquise Gardner
        Jeff hansen
        Ken Zirul
        Kevin Baker
        Michael Hamburger
        Stacy Lehn
        STACY Lehn
        Stacy Hansen
        Steve Houle
        Tim Winn
        Troy Johnson
        Charles Sadams
        Darlene wright
        david Schwartz
        David Moran
        J Howard
        James Scott
        Larry McCulley
        Quinton Richardson
        Robby Leeson
        Terrence Cohen
        Todd Johnson
        Derek Breerwood
        Don Williams
        Jim Kotter
        Miles Corbitt
        Samuel Luster
        Brandon  Anderson
        Deric Cneufeld
        Ty Malek
        Bryon Jones
        Charmell Mclean
        David Carlson
        David Morris
        David Wallace
        Ellis Mcdowell
        Felipe Miranda
        James  Saunders
        James K Carter
        Jesse Garrett
        Joseph Lowe
        Karl Redd
        Kayla Brady
        Keven / Dudgeon
        Naomi Hess
        Phil Jansen
        Robert McKoy
        Rodger Moran
        Thomas Simpson
        Victoria Jkumar
        Waithera Braxton
        Wesley Barber
        Janelle Grieco
        Jason Starkey
        John Solokhin
        Michael Domina
        Ryan Weber
        Xochitl Gudino
        Luke Sirois
        Alberto Diaz
        Amanda Bonsignore
        Anita Mente
        Clyde Jones
        David Khalid
        Dwight Ramsay
        Edward Roach
        Frank Rankdotro
        Jason Ballek
        John Meli
        John Rothenberger
        John Sorrentino
        Joseph Brand
        Joseph Owen
        Karlene Walters
        Ken Hogan
        Lloyd Schiffres
        Luz Rodriguez
        Matthew Maxwell
        Matthew Valente
        Michael Sinisi
        Nicholas Asburnett
        Paul Theorgood
        Richard Clark
        Richard Schwartz
        Robin Kindred Indred
        Stacey Pettie
        Theodore Tarvin
        Thomas Homasuddo
        Thomas Dakake
        Thomas Lippolis
        Wayne Famular
        Caid Riggin
        Earl Woody
        Norman Riggin
         Binyomin Einhorn
         joel follman
        Al Hamilton
        Frank Rank
        George Callaghan
        James Loy
        Jennifer Lyon
        Jon Darwin
        Kevin Blyman
        Michael Cherbakov
        Mike Hogan
        Rigoberto Pena
        Robert Stry
        Andrew Kobak
        anthony Canzoni
        Barry Deem
        Brent Fening
        Charles Danzy
        David Roberts
        Doron Katriel
        Jeffrey Class
        Joe Rafidi
        Lavora Ford
        Martin Ran
        Michael Laster
        Nicholas Gaston
        Robert Arnold
        Scott Stoner
        Sulieman Mumin
        Thomas Kidd
        Allen Moore
        Allyson Norick
        April Wasson
        Greg Cannon
        Joshua Wasson
        Kimberly Duran
        Penny Herbert
        Phillip Smith
        Richard Galls
        David Magill
        James honer
        Albert Mosticchio
        Benjamin Jaminmonarch
        Bill Feggins
        Cheryl Doublosky
        Chris Donnelly
        Daniel Harris
        Danielle Jones
        Edward Deloach
        Felix Santiago
        George Baileyyy
        Gerald Hoover
        Herman Chatman
        Izabella Vradinskiy
        Jeffrey Lynch
        Jeffrey Wagner
        Jessica Li
        Jim / Heath
        Joanna Hoekstra
        John Brinson
        John Metts
        Joseph Becker
        Joseph Digirolamo
        Joseph Guiffre
        Kahmara Gabri
        Kevan Glasper
        Kevin Thomas
        Larue Boyd
        Manuel Loperena
        Michael Fry
        Michael Graham
        Michael Lisrael
        Paul DeFinis
        Randy Rocco
        Richard Davis
        Robert Johnson
        Robert Lloyd
        Robert Burns
        Shawn Szrankowski
        Steve Hnat
        William Dell
        William Roberts
        Dale Rankin
        Robert Iovino
        Charles Sanderson
        Charles beam
        Craig Hazlewood
        Dr Michael Addison
        Jason Grice
        Mark Henry
        Mark Rothbauer
        Scott Londeau
        Al Dodd
        Billy Brookshire
        Greg lewis
        James Brannon
        James Strange
        Jason Sterling
        Jerry Hoover
        Keelon Lawson
        Kevin mcculley
        Michael Hooker
        Scott Smith
        Steve Occhiogrosso
        Taylor Mcgown
        Ali Aladindin
        Alicia Peterson
        Anthony Garrett
        Anthony Smith
        Brenda Mcfarlane
        Christopher Vaughn
        Clay Jordan
        Clifford Wilson
        Daniel Cagle
        Darren Hill
        Dimitri Gavas
        Donald Bessard
        Edgar Ratkins
        Elvia Handler
        Eric Ricramirezzz
        Fred Redanderson
        Garland Dchenier
        Igor Longoria
        Jacqueline Holnes
        James Wesselski
        James Sharp
        Janet Adams
        Jennifer Lynch
        Jeremy gilbert
        Jesse Herrera
        Justin Lacap
        Kevin Davis
        Kevin Thomas
        Lawrence Erny
        Layden Aydenwalker
        Lee Taylor
        Lori Bradshaw
        Louis Rico
        Matthew Camacho
        Maurice Holmes
        Miguel Quezada
        Patrick McDonald
        Paul Patterson
        Paul Jerde
        Pete Martinez
        Ray Choate
        Richard Salsman
        Robert Stevens
        Roberto Orodriguez
        Roderick Gibbs
        Ron Mertz
        Ronak Patel
        Ronald Adammm
        Ronald Grant
        Ross Rains
        Tim Sasser
        Tomas Surbina
        Tony Holmes
        Troy Brown
        Willy Baires
        Brian Marin
        Bryan Kidd
        Brian little
        Chris little
        Matthew Jenson
        Alexandra Martin
        Anthony Butler
        Durley Felder
        Ed walsh
        Jack Swisher
        James Gannon
        Jennifer Buffaloe
        Kevin Fitzpatrick
        Luis Plus one Onate
        Mark McShurley
        Monica Felder
        Randy HIll
        Richard Hickey
        Thomas Starr
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        City  &  State
        Phoenix AZ
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        Chicago AZ
        Mesa AZ
        Tucson AZ
        Tucson AZ
        Mesa AZ
        Tucson AZ
        Heber AZ
        Mesa AZ
        Sherman Oaks CA
        Oakhurst CA
        Agoura Hills CA
        Glendale CA
        Escalon CA
        Los Angeles CA
        San Jose CA
        Spring Valley CA
        Sacramento CA
        Santa Rosa CA
        Glendale CA
        Temecula CA
        Los alamitos CA
        Simi Valley CA
        Antioch CA
        Paradise CA
        Bakersfield CA
        Long Beach CA
        Denver CO
        Aurora CO
        Poncha Springs CO
        Ft Collins CO
        Pagosa Springs CO
        Crested Butte CO
        Thornton CO
        Sedalia CO
         Castle rock CO
        Watkins CO
        Parker CO
        Loveland CO
        lakewood CO
        Longmont CO
        Branford CT
        Bridgeport CT
        Oakville CT
        New Haven CT
        Meriden CT
        Wilmington DE
        Seaford DE
        Greenville DE
        Wilmington DE
        Aventura FL
        Plantation FL
        Ellenton FL
        Miramar FL
        Miami FL
        Seffner FL
        Tampa FL
        Coconut Creek FL
        Ocala FL
        Lake Worth FL
        Deerfield Beach FL
        Miami FL
        Port Charlotte FL
        Jacksonville FL
        West Palm Beach FL
        Hollywood FL
        Coconut Creek FL
        St. Cloud FL
        Clermont FL
        Boynton Beach FL
        Miami FL
        Oviedo FL
        Coconut Creek FL
        Seffner FL
        Riverview FL
        ATLANTA GA
        Portsmouth GA
        Fairburn GA
        Douglasville GA
        Fayetteville GA
        Atlanta GA
        Valdosta GA
        Lawrenceville GA
        Savannah GA
        Covington GA
        Alpharetta GA
        Marietta GA
        Marietta GA
        Atlanta GA
        Forest Park GA
        Gainesville GA
        Kailua HI
        Aiea HI
        Chariton IA
        Cedar Rapids IA
        Boise ID
        Caldwell ID
        Coeur d'Alene ID
        Rolling Meadows IL
        Des Plaines IL
        Lansing IL
        Chicago IL
        Dolton IL
        Chicago IL
        Dolton IL
        Round Lake IL
        Johnston City IL
        Mt. Prospect IL
        Chicago IL
        Oak Forest IL
        Carbondale IL
        Midlothian IL
        Chicago IL
        Des Plaines IL
        Chicago IL
        South Holland IL
        West Chicago IL
        Lisle IL
        Skokie IL
        Franklin Park IL
        Chicago IL
        Pekin IL
        Lagrange IL
        Lagrange IL
        Mokena IL
        Berkeley IL
        Wheeling IL
        Bartlett IL
        Pontoon Beach IL
        Morton, IL
        Chicago IL
        Johnston City IL
        Lombard IL
        Park Ridge IL
        Indianapolis IN
        IN / Michigan City IN
        IN / Elkhart IN
        Mooresville IN
        Indiana / Camby IN
        IN/ Bloomington IN
        Jeffersonville IN
        IN / Hammond (IL) IN
        IN / Valparaiso IN
        IN / Evansville IN
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        KS / Wichita KS
        KS/MO/Columbia/ KS
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        KY /  Lexington KY
        KY / Vine Grove KY
        Shreveport LA
        Ville Platte LA
        Covington LA
        Metairie LA
        Auburn MA
        Abington MA
        South Dennis MA
        Waltham MA
        Sterling MA
        Plymouth MA
        Wareham MA
        Montgomery Vill MD
        Waldorf MD
        Potomac MD
        Bowie MD
        Baltimore MD
        Distrcit Height MD
        Pikesville MD
        Trappe MD
        Silver Spring MD
        Boyds MD
        Germatown MD
        Easton MD
        Birmingham MI
        E. China MI
        Clinton Township MI
        Utica MI
        Davisburg MI
        Battle Creek MI
        Detroit MI
        Grosse pointe MI
        Eastpointe MI
        Detroit MI
        Dimondale MI
        Bingham Farms MI
        Detroit MI
        St Clair MI
        Lake Odessa MI
        Kentwood MI
        Saint Helen MI
        Gulfport MI
        Frontenac MN
        Minneapolis MN
        Bloomington MN
        Saint paul MN
        Robbinsdale MN
        Oakdale MN
        Sartell MN
        Roseville MN
        Oak Grove MN
        ANOKA MN
        Robbinsdale MN
        Roseville MN
        Brooklyn Park MN
        Isanti MN
        St.Louis MO
        Liberty MO
        Walls MO
        Kansas City MO
        Springfield MO
        Columbia MO
        Farmington MO
        St. Louis MO
        St. Joseph MO
        St. Louis MO
        St Louis MO
        Poplarville MS
        Jackson MS
        Poplarville MS
        Kiln MS
        Corinth MS
        Billings MT
        Missoula MT
        Highwood MT
        Bunnlevel NC
        Thomasville NC
        Rocky Point NC
        Salisbury NC
        Winston Salem NC
        Raeford NC
        Stanfield NC
        Charlotte NC
        Raleigh NC
        Charlotte NC
        Apex NC
        Marengo NC
        Jacksonville NC
        Cornelius NC
        Wilmington NC
        Monroe NC
        New Bern NC
        Salisbury NC
        Creedmoor NC
        Charlotte NC
        Omaha NE
        Omaha NE
        Lincoln NE
        Gretna NE
        Omaha NE
        Omaha NE
        Manchester NH
        Fords NJ
        Palmyra NJ
        Hillsborough NJ
        Mount Laurel NJ
        Woodbury NJ
        Freehold NJ
        Mullica Hill NJ
        Morristown NJ
        Pennington NJ
        Linwood NJ
        Brownmills NJ
        Frenchtown NJ
        Riverton NJ
        Saddle River NJ
        Mt Laurel NJ
        Matawan NJ
        Phillipsburg NJ
        Sewell NJ
        Swedesboro NJ
        Orange NJ
        Westfield NJ
        Mays Landing NJ
        Newark NJ
        Butler NJ
        Pennsauken NJ
        Orange NJ
        Deptford NJ
        Toms River NJ
        Totowa NJ
        Holmdel NJ
        Clark NJ
        Bosque Farms NM
        Chimayo NM
        Bosque Farms NM
        Monsey NY
        Brooklyn NY
        Bronx NY
        Staten Island NY
        Rosedale NY
        Utica NY
        Clarence NY
        Montgomery NY
        Farmingdale NY
        New York NY
        Hopewell Jct NY
        Bayside NY
        Ronkonkoma NY
        Lakewood OH
        Walton Hills OH
        Englewood OH
        Hamilton OH
        Massillon OH
        Massillon OH
        Cincinnati OH
        Dayton OH
        Youngstown OH
        Euclid OH
        Beavercreek OH
        Columbus OH
        Columbus OH
        Norton OH
        Cortland OH
        Euclid OH
        Uniontown OH
        OK / Edmond OK
        Oklahoma City OK
        Afton OK
        Oklahoma City OK
        Afton OK
        Moore OK
        Broken Arrow OK
        Tulsa OK
        Moore OK
        Sherwood OR
        Creswell OR
        Bensalem PA
        Pittsburgh PA
        Philadelpha PA
        Nazareyh PA
        Philadelphia PA
        Holland PA
        Scranton PA
        Philadelpha PA
        Philadelphia PA
        Pottstown PA
        Philiadelphia PA
        Philidelphia PA
        HuntingdonValley PA
        Plymouth Meeting PA
        Levittown PA
        Malvern PA
        Spring House PA
        Douglassville PA
        Phila. PA
        Dardy PA
        Dillsburg PA
        Philadelphia PA
        Philadelphia PA
        Catasauqua PA
        Philadelphia PA
        Levittown PA
        Furlong PA
        Lancaster PA
        Philadelphia PA
        Phila. PA
        North Wales PA
        Philadelphia PA
        Feasterville PA
        Gettysburg PA
        Harleysville PA
        Newville PA
        Hatfield PA
        Philadelphia PA
        Carnegie PA
        Hanover PA
        Warminster PA
        North Provide RI
        West Warwick RI
        Columbia SC
        Columbia SC
        Florence SC
        Charleston SC
        Myrtle beach SC
        Travelers rest SC
        Colorado Springs SC
        Bluffton SC
        Hendersonville TN
        Nashville TN
        Nashville TN
        Maryville TN
        Pleasanton TN
        Murfreesboro TN
        Lenoir City TN
        Memphis TN
        Gatlinburg TN
        Nashville TN
        Johnson City TN
        Knoxville TN
        Nashville TN
        San Antonio TX
        St. Petersburg TX
        Dallas TX
        Plano TX
        San Antonio TX
        Beaumont TX
        Cypress TX
        DALLAS TX
        Borger TX
        Houston TX
        Dallas TX
        Houston TX
        Conroe TX
        San Antonio TX
        Pasadena TX
        TOMBALL TX
        Beaumont TX
        Katy TX
        Houston TX
        Corpus Christi TX
        Silsbee TX
        Southmayd TX
        Bertram TX
        Watauga TX
        Baytown TX
        San Antonio TX
        Livingston TX
        Dallas TX
        Austin TX
        San Antonio TX
        Bushland TX
        Ft Walton Beach TX
        San Antonio TX
        Austin TX
        Pearland TX
        Antonio TX
        Forney TX
        Arlington TX
        Arlington TX
        Houston TX
        Oak Leaf TX
        Azle TX
        Lubbock TX
        Mcallen TX
        Webster TX
        San Antonio TX
        Houston TX
        Kemah TX
        Kingwood TX
        Dallas TX
        Corinth TX
        Laredo TX
        Houston TX
        Houston TX
        Arlington TX
        North Richland Hills TX
        North Richland Hills TX
        Orem UT
        Orem UT
        Payson UT
        Stafford VA
        Alexandria VA
        Lynchburg VA
        Manassas VA
        Purcelle VA
        Lovingston VA
        Chesapeake VA
        Manassas VA
        Stafford VA
        Front Royal VA
        Lynchburg VA
        Ashland VA
        Virginia Beach VA
        Centreville VA
        Williston VT
        Tumwater WA
        Rainier WA
        Spokane WA
        Amery WI
        Luck WI
        DePere WI
        Greenfield WI
        Madison WI
        Casper WY

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